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Nematode Stacker

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A classic stacking toy gets a new shape in our Nematode Stacker, the first toy in our Model Organisms collection! The pieces of the stacker reflect the life cycle of one of the most common model organisms in modern science, the C. elegans nematode. Like traditional stacking cups, our Nematode Stacker provides the opportunity to practice:

  • grasping and banging
  • filling and emptying
  • stacking and knocking down
  • nesting shapes 
  • comparing sizes
  • sorting and ordering


PLUS the five worm-shaped stacking blocks can be stacked in two ways and provide an extra challenge to balance, stack, and nest an unusual shape.

The included play guide outlines:

  • milestones your baby will be working on between 6-18 months
  • ways to play with the worms throughout your baby's first year and beyond
  • an explanation of how C. elegans nematodes are used in real lab settings

This toy is still in production and will be delivered in early 2022. Sign up to be notified when pre-orders are open!