How we chose our manufacturing partner: Coarc Manufacturing

How we chose our manufacturing partner: Coarc Manufacturing

We wanted a partner that would understand our needs as a small company manufacturing toys for the first time, a partner that would be flexible and willing to try new sustainable materials and practices, as well as a partner that believed in our vision and our product.

Because it was our first time, we turned to Murrelet Innovation for help. Experts in sustainable product development, they helped us look for manufacturing options that were environmentally friendly and socially responsible. They recommended Coarc Manufacturing which was a perfect fit for us. They had previous experience manufacturing toys and they offered not only solutions in custom plastic injection molds but also packaging and order fulfillment. As we wrapped up our first production run, we reflected on how supportive they were, guiding and advising us through the whole process. A true partnership that keeps success for all parties involved at the forefront of business.

Coarc Manufacturing also shared our mission to safeguard the environment by embracing the most responsible business practices. Since their founding in 1965, they have adhered to best practices for reducing, recycling, and reusing consumable materials. Something we are continuously trying to accomplish at Lil’ Labmates as we grow as a company.

Coarc Manufacturing is also a Not-For-Profit organization – a subsidiary of Coarc – with a mission to provide jobs, training, and life assistance for people with disabilities. They are a social enterprise deeply committed to delivering superior quality to customer’s bottom line while empowering people with disabilities who want to work and be productive. Currently serving over 500 individuals with disabilities and their families, Coarc was awarded Best Non-Profit/Community Agency in Columbia County, NY (2015, 2016, 2017, and 2022).

We are looking forward to seeing our partnership grow as we bring more toys to our little labmates. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on future toy launches.