Meet the Team

Danielle Orozco Cosio and son David

Danielle Orozco Cosio
Founder, CEO
Danielle has been in and out of science labs since first picking up a pipette in early 2011. She is passionate about using science and a systems perspective to make the world a better place for her kids. Danielle earned her B.S. from MIT's Biology department and is currently a PhD candidate in the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department. 

Barbara Zappala

Barbara Zappala
Founder, COO
Barbara has previous experience working in different start ups some which are also mission driven. She is famous for making things happen and generating results. Barbara obtained her bachelor’s in science at Georgia Tech and recently completed her MBA from Ross School of Business. 

Alejandro Gonzalez-Placito

Alejandro Gonzalez-Placito
CAD Lead, Product Development Associate
Alejandro is trained in several design disciplines. He is passionate about applying human-centered design strategies while practicing a more artistic approach. Ale graduated from MIT in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in Art & Design from the MIT School of Architecture + Planning.

 Partners & Mentors

Murrelet Innovation aims to connect people and planet focused organizations to cutting-edge technological advancements in product development. We help organizations, both big and small, tackle tough sustainability and equity problems through rapid prototyping, green supply chain consulting, and technology-based R&D. Interested in learning more? Reach out at
MIT VMS supports innovation and entrepreneurial activity throughout the MIT community by matching prospective and experienced entrepreneurs with skilled volunteer mentors. VMS complements and cooperates with the many MIT centers and programs promoting innovations and entrepreneurship.
MIT Sandbox provides seed funding for student-initiated entrepreneurial ideas, mentoring from within MIT and from a broad network of committed partners, and tailored educational experiences.