Our Values

Safety first

Our toys surpass US standards for BPA and Phthalates and conform to the CPSIA and FHSA laws. Our recycled plastic materials are also food graded and are thoroughly tested for safety.

Environmentally friendly

We use sustainable materials and practices wherever possible. From the 100% bio-based material used for the manufactured toys to the recycled and recyclable shipping packaging, we make sure to have the least environmental impact we possibly can. 

Developmentally enriching

Our toys help babies' brains make the connections needed to reach their first year milestones. Each toy comes with a carefully crafted play guide that walks you through each developmental skill your baby can practice when playing with our toys.

Socially responsible

We are planning on donating part of the proceeds from every sale to families in need. If you work for a non-profit organization that could help us reach these families, please contact us via our contact page or by emailing contact@lillabmates.com

We have also chosen Coarc Manufacturing as our manufacturing partner. Coarc is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide jobs, training, and life assistance for people with disabilities.