About Lil' Labmates

As scientists and new parents, Danielle wanted to share her love of science and learning with her newborn. But she quickly found that she didn't know what her brand-new baby could see or do, and there weren't great options for real science-themed toys for babies so young! 

​We did our research and found some of the best toys that help babies grow and explore their new world. Then we integrated lab-based science themes that work with the form of the toys to illustrate accurate science tools and concepts.
These developmentally-appropriate toys are designed to help infants reach the milestones that pediatricians look for throughout a baby's first year. We also provide the essential information you need to understand and play with your baby at every stage of your first years together in an included play guide that comes with each toy.

We've had so much fun redesigning these toys to represent the lab tools, model organisms, and science concepts we work with, and we can't wait to share them with you!