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Interlocking Gears

is an engineering-themed, Montessori-style toy for babies as young as 2 months! This will be our first sustainably made product, manufactured in the US using plastic removed from the ocean.

  • "I bought a few of these gears to give to my new parent friends and they’ve been a hit!! I love that the gears are great for all ages and development stages (even me as I fidget at my desk, lol). Can’t wait to see what’s next!"

  • "Love these little gears. Right now they are mostly a baby chew toy until she builds the strength to pull them apart. I can't wait for that aha moment."

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  • Designed at MIT

    Our STEM-themed, developmentally enriching toys are designed by our cofounder Danielle, a neuroscience PhD student at MIT, who came up with the concept when she became a mom.

  • Sustanaibly Manufactured

    Our toys will be manufactured in the USA using recycled ocean plastics that are FDA approved. Safe for the environment and safe for babies!

  • STEM teether and stacker toy with play guide and sustainable packaging

    Coming in April 2022

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Lil' Labmates

Looking for STEM-themed, developmentally enriching baby toys a little sooner? 

Each Lil' Labmates toy is designed so babies can practice developmental skills as they grow. They also come with a play & development guide that explains the different ways to play with the toy to practice multiple skills!

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