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C elegans Stacker

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The pieces of our unique stacking toy reflect the life cycle stages of one of the most common model organisms in modern science, the C. elegans nematode. 

    This product is 3D printed by us personally, and has been third party tested for safety. We have a limited amount for each color so get yours soon!

    How does this toy help babies grow?

    This toy provides the opportunity to practice:
    - grasping and banging
    - filling and emptying
    - stacking and knocking down
    - nesting shapes
    - comparing sizes
    - sorting and ordering
    - discovering two ways to stack
    - manipulating specifically oriented shapes

    How old should babies be to play with this toy?

    4 months+

    How was this toy made?

    This is a 3D printed toy made with ABS filament in MA, USA.

    Safety is important for us which is why we had the toy tested by a third party. It meets the requirements for mechanical safety hazards as well as the contents for phthalates, lead and heavy metals.

    How big is this toy?

    7 x 3 x 1 in (largest worm); 3 x 1 x 1 in (smallest worm)

    How do you get free shipping?

    Collections in stock will ship right away. Shipping time will vary based on shipping choice in cart. Free standard shipping on all orders.

    Anything else?

    This toy comes with a play guide that outlines:
    - milestones your baby will be working on between 6-18 months
    - ways to play with the C. elegans worms throughout your baby's first year and beyond
    - an toddler-friendly explanation of how C. elegans nematodes are used in real science lab settings