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Pipette Rattle

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This rattle is a must-have for any baby's benchtop to ensure well-calibrated playtime!

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How does this toy help babies grow?

This toy provides the opportunity to practice:
- grasping and banging
- sound localization
- cause and effect
- hand to hand passing
- fine motor skills
- back of mouth teething

How old should babies be to play with this toy?

1 month+

How was this toy made?

This toy will be made in NY, USA from majority reclaimed plastic removed from the Pacific Ocean.

How big is this toy?

How do you get free shipping?

Anything else?

The included play guide outlines:
- milestones your baby will be working on between 2-8 months
- ways to play with the Pipette Rattle throughout your baby's first year and beyond
- an explanation of how pipettes are used in real lab settings