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Pipette Rattle CAD Files

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Our take on the must-have baby toy (a rattle) is a must-have bio lab tool! Like classic rattles, our Pipette Rattle provides the opportunity to practice: 

  • grasping and banging
  • sound localization
  • cause and effect
  • hand to hand passing

PLUS the sound-making button on top gives a change to practice fine motor skills, and the shaft of the pipette is a far-reaching surface for teething in hard to reach spots.

The included digital play guide outlines:

  • milestones your baby will be working on between 2-8 months
  • ways to play with the Pipette Rattle throughout your baby's first year and beyond
  • an explanation of how pipettes are used in real lab settings

This product is an .stl file that you can use with your 3D printer to print the Pipette Rattle at home right now! Choose your materials carefully, and always supervise your baby during play. Thank you for your order!


Note: All files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. File sharing and reproduction of the file for commercial use is strictly prohibited.