Looking for a unique baby gift?

Lil' Labmates Interlocking Gears are the perfect gift for a baby between 2 and 24 months.

  • Exposes babies to science

    Our STEM-theme expose a little one to science imagery early on. The gears are a classic engineering concept that is easy to explain to toddlers.

  • Helps babies grow

    They are developmentally enriching so babies up to 18 months old can practice different developmental skills from teething to fine motor skills to coordination.

  • Reduces ocean pollution

    They are made from reclaimed ocean plastic so you are actually helping reduce ocean pollution with your purchase.

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One for the baby, one for you

Adults tell us that the Interlocking Gears are a great fidget toy. Parents and friends of the family in science especially love playing with them and gives them something extra to share with their newborn.

Buy 2 sets of Interlocking Gears and automatically get $5 off your order!

How the gears support development: